What To Do In A Water Damage Emergency

water damage repair westerville, water damage restoration westerville, water damage westervilleIn school from a very early age, you learn about what to do in lots of different situations. You know to get under your desk and cover your neck in an earthquake, and you know to stop, drop, and roll when you catch on fire. These are all very important things to know, but people rarely talk about what you should do in the case of a flood or some other kind of water damage emergency. Luckily professional water damage restoration companies in Westerville, like Mammoth, know exactly what to do. Here are the things you should do in a water emergency. 

In A Flood

Floods are a little different than a burst pipe or a roof leak. In a flood, you will want to evacuate if possible. If it is impossible to evacuate, then make sure you are on the highest level of the building or on the roof if necessary. In widespread flooding situations, the coast guard and other emergency services will be out looking for victims, so make sure you sit tight and try to flag them down with flashlights or flares. 

Call Water Damage Professional

If your problem is something that you don’t need to evacuate from, then you should immediately call a water damage restoration professional before doing anything else. Water damage restoration specialists are always available to take your calls no matter the time of day or day of the week. They will also be able to walk you through what you will need to do until they arrive based on the extent of the damage. Your safety always comes first. 

Call Insurance Company

Once you’ve contacted your water damage restoration company and they are well on their way to come to your home, you should call your insurance company. Your insurance company will be able to tell you if you have flood insurance or if any of your damages are covered under your policy. They will also explain how you should document your damages and give you all the information that you will need to do this in the most efficient way. 


Your water damage may be such that you will need to contact your utility companies. You may need to contact your gas and electric company if your flooding affects either of the outlets for these services. It can be very dangerous if water comes into contact with an electrical socket especially if the water has already come into contact with your gas line somehow. If you believe that any of your lines have been compromised, let your water damage restoration professional know and call the fire department. 

It is important to know what to do in case of a flood or leak. Fortunately, most of the things that you need to do are to get out of the area if it is unsafe and make a bunch of phone calls. You can rest easy knowing that your water damage restoration company has everything under control. 

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