Six Water Damage Prevention Tips

water damage columbus, water damage repair columbusWater damage can come from a large variety of different sources. For this reason, there are many different things that you can and need to do to prevent it from happening to you. Our professional restoration experts at Mammoth Restoration in the Columbus area see water damage brought on by many different causes. Below are several tips that are recommended that you follow in order to keep your home water damage free.

Maintain Trees And Vegetation

Thriving shrubs can be a beautiful thing – except when their roots wrap around your pipes and break them.  That’s why it’s important to minimize landscaping near utility pipes or, if necessary, remove trees and shrubs that have become too big.

Know Where Your Water Shutoff Valve Is

This is an easy measure you can take that will save you big time if your home begins flooding. Knowing where your shutoff valve is located and how to use it takes only minutes of your time, & it can save you thousands of dollars in flood repairs in the long run.

Investigate Any Leaks Without Delay

If you find any leaks or potential water damage issues at all, you should not hesitate to fix the problem. Over time, even very small leaks can develop into serious water damage and mold issues.

Upgrade Washing Machine Hoses

Old, brittle or leaky washing machine hoses are one of the most common causes of water damage for homeowners. You should replace yours regularly to prevent this from happening to you.

Install A Water Detection Device

A water detection device is a small device similar to a smoke alarm and also an investment that could save you from huge trouble.  If it registers a certain level of moisture then it will sound an alarm to notify that your home is flooding. Basic versions will set off an alarm like a smoke alarm where someone still needs to be in the home to hear it. More advanced versions, however, can link to your phone and send you a notification if your home is flooding so you can get it taken care of right away.

Closely Monitor Your Water Bill

Sometimes, the only way you know that water is leaking is by taking a closer look at your water bill. If your usage jumps significantly from one month to the next without explanation, then you should look into it. Is there an undetected leak in your basement? A leaking pipe in your front yard? Don’t let these issues to continue to go on unnoticed. Checking your water bill regularly and following up on discrepancies is an important way to do this.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things you can do to protect your home from water damage. Following the tips given above will go a long way towards keeping your home safe. Nonetheless, we do know that mistakes happen and that some water damage incidents are unavoidable. Thus, if you do find your home flooded, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Mammoth Restoration in the Columbus area for help.

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