Water Damage Prevention Tips

water damage cleanup huntington, water damage huntingtonWater damage NEVER happens at a convenient time. If your commercial building or tenant housing has plumbing, you will have to deal with a water damage problem at some point. Routine maintenance and communication between landlords and tenants can help prevent further damage and ensure healthier living conditions. Mammoth Restoration can help give you advice on what to do to prevent costly repairs, and when to call the professionals. Water damage issues can occur from broken pipes, drains that are clogged, and appliances that may need maintenance or to be replaced. Preventing mold/mildew requires quick attention to the smaller drips and leaks that can occur.

● Communication is always crucial, especially when tenants are usually the first ones to spot areas of concern. By getting to the small problem areas quickly and efficiently, you can prevent major water damage catastrophes. An important key to saving your commercial property from major water damage is keeping communication lines open with those who spend a great deal of time in your property.

● Learning basic repair skills can help save time and money. Knowing how to fix leaky faucets, unclogging problem drains, or fixing a broken pipe can be those repairs that will inevitably happen. Immediate attention to those types of repairs will prevent them from growing into a major problem. Having the ability to repair appliances that cause water damage is an important skill in safeguarding your property, too. By not repairing these simple problems, larger problems have a greater potential of occurring. Not only is there a greater potential to save money from costly repairs, but time is saved from having to wait for the repairs to take place.

● Scheduling routine maintenance checks can also help in preventing water damage. The smallest of leaks have a potential of being a huge problem. If not repaired soon enough they can grow into larger water damage issues. Scheduling routine maintenance checks can safeguard both tenants and landlords. If tenants are aware of their responsibilities as well as those of the property managers, communication and routine scheduling for maintenance should not be an issue. Whether you choose quarterly or between lease agreements, it is important that they are carried out on a regular basis. During this routine maintenance, each unit is checked for any issues that can cause future problems.

Water damage can happen when you least expect it! Even putting preventative measures in place cannot guarantee that major water damage issues will not occur. Mammoth Restoration is available 24/7 to rescue your commercial/tenant property in the Huntington area from further damage. Water and building materials set the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and cause unhealthy indoor air quality. When in doubt…call the professionals. We have the equipment and expertise to help with your commercial property water damage issues.

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