Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is scary and you need help. Our expert team of licensed, certified cleaners will make your home healthy again
Searching for “mold remediation companies near me?” When you discover mold in your home, your immediate concern is the health of your family. To you, it’s an emergency and you need professional help and you need it fast. We’re here to help.

Licensed & Certified Experts in Mold Removal

Most often, mold and mildew are caused by excess water and moisture. Sure, we can remove it, but what you really need is to stop what caused it in the first place. Just call Mammoth, and our experts will safely remove the mold and mildew. And just a word of advice — DIY efforts such as applying bleach, UV treatments or drying with high heat are only stopgap measures (and can be dangerous). You must solve the underlying problem, otherwise, the mold and mildew will just return. Mammoth works with licensed environmental hygienists to accurately diagnose the mold situation. When the remediation is complete, hygienists will certify that the mold damage has been removed, and the property has been restored to healthy conditions.

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 Mold Remediation Services

  • Remove Mold and Mildew

    Remove Mold and Mildew

    We destroy and remove the harmful mold and mold spores in your structure. While no service can remove every single microscopic spore, we ensure that major breeding areas are neutralized and remove existing mold.

  • Dry the Structure

    Dry the Structure

    Mold loves moisture. We extract and evaporate the water from your structure and use dehumidification equipment to ensure that your home is dry to suppress future mold.

  • Cleaning services


    We clean all surfaces touched by mold growth, returning your home back to its original, beautiful state.

  • Sanitize services


    We take cleaning a step further and sanitize surfaces to remove hard-to-see traces of mold.

  • Deodorize

    We filter the air in your home to remove that nasty mold smell and ensure your breathing environment is safe.

  • Prevent Mold Growth

    Prevent Mold Growth

    We destroy and suppress the growth of harmful mold and other microorganisms whether they are bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

  • Feel Healthy

    Feel Healthy

    We make your home healthy again so that you can breathe peacefully and happily.

  • A+ Better Business Bureau
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified
  • IREM
  • Restoration Industry Association
  • BOMA

Certified, Professional, Compassionate Care

Mammoth Restoration & Cleaning is an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IICRC) Firm. Our team of licensed environmental hygienists inspects your property thoroughly — inside and out. Mold is often caused by sudden or recurring water leaks, flooding and dampness. We don’t just treat the problem — we get to root cause to make sure mold does not grow back.

It’s one thing to get the job done. It’s quite another to do it with genuine care and compassion. Our team listens to your concerns, walks you through the process and makes sure everything goes exactly right. It’s our job to remove the mold and mildew along with your anxiety.

Learn more about the Mammoth team and why we think values really do matter.

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