For Insurance Professionals

When your insureds face loss or damage, you need a variety of services – mitigation, restoration, and construction. Mammoth seamlessly provides all three under one roof. One full-service firm with complete control and accountability from start to finish.

Instantly Under Control

We know your top priorities are to quickly assess the situation and help your insured get things under control. You need a company that’s fast, reliable and shares your values. That’s where Mammoth shines. Every time you bring us in, you can expect a team that is:

  • Responsive – No matter when you call, we’ll be there in less than 2 hours.
  • Caring and Compassionate – We treat your insureds exactly as you would.
  • Honest and Professional – From our perspective, it’s simply how business is done.
  • Top Quality – Great work at a fair price 100% of the time. No complaints. No excuses.
  • Great at Communicating – It’s our hallmark. You and your insured will always be in the loop.
  • Expert at What They Do – Our qualifications and training are unmatched.

Intrigued? Well don’t just listen to us. Hear what our customers say. They’re the ones who say it best.

Experience With Regional and National Carriers

We work with all major carriers and most of the regional firms. We understand your processes, your systems and how you like to do business. Contact us today and learn more about how we make your job easier.

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