The Gahanna Rotary Fundraising Event

gahanna rotary club, gahanna rotary fundraising eventThe first Rotary club started over 110 years ago! Rotary Club has over 1.2 million members and is making a huge positive impact on communities worldwide. It was started with the vision of one man-Paul Harris. He was an attorney who formed the first Rotary Club in Chicago. He created the group so that folks could exchange ideas, form friendships, and give back to their communities. Rotary has also raised funds and reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent worldwide. They have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. Rotary is making a positive Global impact.

The Gahanna Rotary is making a strong positive impact in Gahanna, Ohio. They raise over 50,000 a year to help Gahanna residents. Their funds are used for the Gahanna food pantry called G.R.I.N. (Gahanna Residents In Need), fireworks, many community events/festivals, schools scholarships for Gahanna schools and so much more!

Our Mammoth donation (bath and body gift basket) is a donation for the largest Gahanna Rotary fundraising event of the year! This event raises over 35,000 for Gahanna! This annual event is held at the Jefferson Country Club and members/guests bid on all the auction items. It is a hugely successful event and all the proceeds go to helping the Gahanna Community.

Mammoth has a strong presence in the Gahanna community and by doing this annual donation, it only helps strengthen our relationship with the Gahanna community. It is always rewarding to donate to a cause like the Rotary and know that Mammoth has made an impact/contribution to the community and so many folks who are in need.

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