Fire Damage Restoration

Mammoth Restoration & Cleaning is one of Ohio’s Best Fire Restoration Companies
You’ve just been through one of the scariest experiences of your life. Now it’s time to rebuild. Mammoth Restoration & Cleaning’s expert team knows exactly what to do and how to do it.

Certified Experts in Fire Restoration

The First Responders have left and now it’s time to get your life back in order. It’s a complicated process that requires specific expertise in fire and smoke restoration and cleaning. Mammoth brings expertise across the board. We’ve helped thousands of businesses and homeowners recover from the damage caused by fire and smoke. Most importantly, we work closely with your insurance company to be sure everything is done just right.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Clean Up Services

  • Board Up

    Board Up

    We board up the damaged areas to prevent weather from further damaging your home and belongings. We also make sure that your home is as secure as possible while cleaning, restoration and repairs are underway.

  • Cover the Roof

    Cover the Roof

    If your roof is damaged, we’ll immediately stop the elements from getting in with a secure roof tarp.

  • Inventory Items

    Inventory Items

    We help you and work with your insurance company to inventory all your items including what can be salvaged and what cannot.

  • Remove Debris

    Remove Debris

    Once your home is secured and your items inventoried, we remove the inevitable debris and rubbish that comes with a fire clean up.

  • Demolish as Required

    Demolish as Required

    We help you keep as much of your structure and belongings as it makes sense to keep. If needed or wanted, we provide demolition services to remove parts of the structure that are beyond repair.

  • Pack Furniture & Belongings

    Pack Furniture & Belongings

    If your precious furniture and belongings need to be packed and stored, we take care of the hard work for you. And we move them back in when your home is ready.

  • Cleaning services


    We clean all surfaces touched by fire and smoke, returning your home back to its original, beautiful state.

  • Deodorize

    Where there’s fire, there’s smoke, and smoke can make your entire house smell. We take cleaning a step further to deodorize your home and belongings so that you can breathe easy once again.

  • Work with Your Insurer

    Work with Your Insurer

    We coordinate all activities with your insurance company to make sure that you receive proper care and the easiest claims process possible.

  • Document and Photograph

    Document and Photograph

    You have enough to deal with, you shouldn’t have to worry about photos and notes, too. Part of working with an insurance company is documenting each step and taking photographs of all the work. And we make sure you are well taken care of.

Professional, Certified, Compassionate Care

Mammoth Restoration & Cleaning is an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IICRC) Firm. From the first call to the fire clean up to the final move back into your home, we help you get your life back to normal.

It’s one thing to get the job done. It’s quite another to do it with genuine care and compassion. Our team listens to your concerns, walks you through the process and makes sure everything goes exactly right. They’ve even been known to provide daily hugs.

  • A+ Better Business Bureau
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified
  • IREM
  • Restoration Industry Association
  • BOMA
“What a joy you are to have in my home. You turned a smoky old house back into my pretty home. Thank you.”   — Kae S.

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