Cleaning Up After A Fire

fire damage repair westerville, fire damage westervilleA property fire is a traumatic and overwhelming event. When the fire is out, going through the aftermath of putting your home or business back together can be challenging and very emotional, especially when you don’t know which steps to take first and where to go next. When it comes to a home or business fire – it is always best to contact a professional fire and smoke damage restoration company that can help guide you in the right direction and make sure that no part of the cleanup and repair process is overlooked. In Westerville, Mammoth Restoration and Cleaning is a high-quality fire damage restoration company that believes in integrity and value, and we will do everything we can to make sure we are valuable to you.

After a fire, your to-do list may seem extensive and you may be unsure of how to tackle certain “to-do’s.” We want to help you get through the recovery process no matter what type of fire damage emergency you’ve experienced. Minor or major, we will guide you through the cleanup process so that you can get your life back.

First, contact your insurance company/agent and find out how they want you to record damaged and repairs. Keeping photos of the damage and taking videos might save you when it comes time to process claims. Do not begin any cleanup or repairs until you have documented the extent of the damage. Also, go over your insurance policies to double check your coverage.

A fire-marshal will need to clear your home for safety before you can re-enter it. Once this happens, you can begin documenting the damage and contacting a restoration company who can come in, assess the damage, and start working on a plan of action for cleanup and restoration. Be sure to use safety gear while you are in the damage. Lingering smoke and soot can be extremely hazardous to your health.

If fire extinguishers were used or if the fire department had to get involved to put out the fire, there will be more damage and possible water damage that will need to be cleaned up as well. Your restoration company will be sure to assess this damage and take the proper measures to successfully clean and repair it.

Clearing out debris and garbage will be the next task. Any salvageable items can be removed for cleaning and restoration. Many restoration companies offer contents restoration as part of their services, if yours doesn’t you can contact a contents restoration specialist to help clean and repair appliances, electrical equipment and other objects that could be saved. Anything that can’t be saved will need to be thrown out.

Smoke, soot, and ash can do a great deal of damage. Carpets will need to be expertly cleaned and soot and ash will be inside cabinets, appliances, and air vents. Your restoration company will know where to look for damage and what kind of damage to look for so that nothing is overlooked.

Any lingering smoke and soot can cause unrepairable damage to different parts of a home or business. Make sure you contact a restoration company immediately after a fire so that cleaning can begin as soon as possible. Professional fire damage restoration companies like Mammoth Restoration and Cleaning are on call 24/7 to make sure that they are available when you need them!

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