Safe Summer Grilling Tips

fire damage repair westerville, fire damage cleanup westervilleIt’s finally time to dust off the grill and scour the internet for the best BBQ recipes on the block. Summer is here! If you’re a barbecue junkie, you may already be planning the next big meal. In order to keep a fun family event from turning sour, it’s important that Westerville homeowners brush up on grilling safety tips to prevent home fire damage. Many accidents stem from poor grilling safety or plain neglect. Here are some tips to prevent a fire outbreak and subsequent fire damage:

1. Be a Grilling Specialist

If you’re a do-it-all type of person, this tip is for you. If another activity doesn’t have to do with you and the hot flames cooking your steak, it may be best to delegate the responsibility to someone else. Avoid prepping side dishes, setting the table, and pouring drinks so you can focus solely on the grill. Although you may be a pro multitasker, our minds are easily distracted. Only a few minutes of diverted attention can result in a charred meal.

2. Keep your grill away from your house.

The farther, the better. However, maintaining a 10-foot distance from your home is the standard recommendation. This includes overhangs, garages, and porches. We know, everyone grills on a porch. That’s the norm. However, regardless of the type of grill used, keeping a healthy distance away from all structures ensures that any escaped sparks won’t start a fire.

3. Check for leaks

Since gas leaks can be microscopic in size, they often go unnoticed by homeowners. To check for leaks, mix up a solution of liquid dish soap and water. Rub it over the hose and turn the gas on while keeping the lid open. Large bubbles are an indication of tiny holes or loose connections. This is especially important if a grill hasn’t been used for several months.

4. Know your back-ups

No one thinks they’ll deal with a grill-caused fire. However, approximately 7,000 Americans are injured every year due to grilling accidents. In order to respond appropriately if a fire does get out of control, keep a fire extinguisher within reach. Learn how to use it properly. For minor flare-ups, a spray bottle of water will instantly smother the flames and keep dinner intact.

5. Don’t overload your grill

An excessive amount of meat on the grill at one time is a large flame waiting to happen. When heated up, fatty meats will drip oils onto the flames. Too much at once can cause a large, unexpected flare up within milliseconds.

6. Never use a grill indoors

Hopefully, this one is obvious, but many people still justify using their grills indoors. The chances of ignition increase dramatically indoors. If that wasn’t motivation enough, fire emits the colorless, odorless gas carbon monoxide. Too much carbon monoxide build-up is deadly. Keep these tips in mind for a safe summer season in Westerville. As fire damage restoration experts in the area, we are prepared to remediate mild to severe fire damage whether from a grilling mishap or other cause. Give us a call if you’ve experienced fire damage!

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