Four Ways To Avoid Fire Damage In Columbus

fire damage columbus, fire damage cleanup columbusThe destructive influence of a fire in your own home is almost unthinkable. It’s hard to imagine your home and possessions engulfed by flames amidst plumes of smoke. Nonetheless, fires are an all too common disaster that thousands of homeowners are traumatized by each and every year. At Mammoth Restoration in the Columbus area, our first priority is to help you prevent such a disaster from ever occurring. Yet, innocent mistakes and freak accidents happen every day. Thus, your home, just like any other, is vulnerable to fire damage. However, we have included four tips below designed to minimize the risk of a fire in your home to keep your family, home, and possessions out of harm’s way.

Be Cautious Of Alternative Heating Methods
During the cold part of the year, or if you just like a little extra warmth, items such as space heaters and electric blankets are a great way to stay warm and cozy. However, they do not come without risk. Space heaters especially can get very hot, and it is all-too-easy to drop something flammable near one or forget to move something out of the way. This is one of the main ways that fires start in homes during the winter. Other alternative heating methods that pose a threat are wood stoves and pellet stoves. The unique and rustic appeal of such appliances are noteworthy, but they become a serious fire threat if you don’t keep them far enough away from furniture or other valuable objects and keep them in good working order.

Look Out For Faulty Wiring And Electrical Systems
Faulty wiring is very often the cause of house fires and fire damage. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to avoid if you don’t overload your circuits, keep an eye out for fraying the wires, and refrain from covering or pinching wires. Obviously, efforts should be made to keep small children and pets out of situations where they could damage the wires or they could be injured themselves. If you ever have any doubt regarding the safety of your wiring, contact a certified electrician immediately so they can determine if there is a real problem.

Be Careful In The Kitchen
It seems like common knowledge that heat in the kitchen should be handled with care. However, everyone could use a reminder every once in a while. Pay attention when cooking something on the stove. Don’t leave it unattended. Clean your oven regularly. Leftover food splatters can catch fire and leave you with a nastier mess to clean up.

Do The Simple Things
Usually, the difference between a close call and a full-on disaster hinges on the simple things. Do you have batteries in your smoke detectors? Do you have a fire escape plan? Do you have fire extinguishers throughout your home? Are you generally vigilant and proactive about eliminating fire damage threats? These simple things can make all the difference.

For any questions regarding fire damage prevention or for help restoring your home after a fire damage incident, Mammoth Restoration and our team of certified technicians in the Columbus area is here to help just a phone call away!

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