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Obvious And Hidden Dangers From Floods


Any unwanted water intrusion could ruin your possessions and damage your home’s structure. However, when the water comes from outside your sterile water system, you face additional safety hazards. Floodwater can contain dangerous bacteria from overflowing sewage and agricultural and industrial waste. According to Accuweather, the dangers of floods do not disappear after water levels […]

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Why Should I Hire A Cleaning And Restoration Company For Water Damage Restoration?


What happens when you wake up one morning to find your basement has been completely flooded? What do you do when the water is over a foot deep? What do you do? The first decision you will need to make regarding this disaster is how you will repair the damage done by the flood. You […]

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Safe Summer Grilling Tips


It’s finally time to dust off the grill and scour the internet for the best BBQ recipes on the block. Summer is here! If you’re a barbecue junkie, you may already be planning the next big meal. In order to keep a fun family event from turning sour, it’s important that Westerville homeowners brush up […]

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Cleaning Up After A Fire


A property fire is a traumatic and overwhelming event. When the fire is out, going through the aftermath of putting your home or business back together can be challenging and very emotional, especially when you don’t know which steps to take first and where to go next. When it comes to a home or business […]

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Preventing Water Damage The Right Way


As homeowners, we don’t like to think of the possibility of our home being ravaged by water damage. Unfortunately, water damage disasters do occur, and they occur more often than you might think. The great news is that most water damage events are preventable if you take the right proactive steps to safeguard your home. Let’s […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage Restoration


When encountering a need for water damage cleanup, it is important to understand everything that goes into the water damage process. It’s also equally important to know that things you shouldn’t do. Understanding all these principles of water damage cleanup will go a long way in helping you know what to do if you are […]

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My House Caught Fire – Now What? 


Before we begin, if you’ve experienced a fire in your home, no matter the size, we are sorry you’re going through this! We understand the trauma and uncertainty a fire creates, and also understand the importance of reversing the damage and restoring your home as quickly as possible. A highly trained, professional, and caring team […]