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Common Causes Of Water Damage In Columbus Homes


Water damage, in any form, is an unpleasant encounter. We at Mammoth Restoration in Columbus would like to inform you of the common causes of water damage.  Bursting Or Leaking Pipes Leaking pipes are the most common cause of water damage in homes. Backed up drains and clogged pipes cause pressure to build up inside […]

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Making Water Damage Restoration As Painless As Possible In Columbus


Let’s face it, water damage cleanup is the last job that anyone wants to take on. Unfortunately, circumstances are not always so fortunate. If your home is ever flooded, our goal at Mammoth Restoration in Columbus, Ohio is to help you get through the restoration process with as little trouble and stress as possible. Safety […]

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Become a Home Detective – Find Hidden Leaks in Your Home


You don’t have to be a water damage restoration expert from Mammoth to know that if a tree falls on your roof in a storm, you will have water damage. If your 5 year-old leaves the water running in the bathtub overnight, you will have water damage. If mice move in and chew through a […]

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Understanding Roof Vents, Leaks and Water Damage


Adequate attic circulation is vital to the health of your house. A properly designed and maintained roof protects your Columbus home from rain, hail and other water damage. However, when the attic space is sealed, moisture builds up and can cause water damage and mold problems. Many methods are used to increase airflow without allowing […]

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Water Damage: Categories


So the unthinkable has happened, you find yourself dealing with a sewage backup in your home. Along with being unpleasant to deal with, sewage damage can have significant health risks attached to it. Sewage water can contain microbes, viruses, and harmful bacteria. Three types of contaminated water can classify water damage, and each has its […]

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Six Water Damage Prevention Tips


Water damage can come from a large variety of different sources. For this reason, there are many different things that you can and need to do to prevent it from happening to you. Our professional restoration experts at Mammoth Restoration in the Columbus area see water damage brought on by many different causes. Below are […]

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3 Ways To Spot Water Damage In Your Home


The phrase “water damage” is typically accompanied by a mental image of water rushing into your basement, furniture floating, and ancient family heirlooms destroyed. While this does happen, and is terribly devastating when it occurs, there are actually many more subtle ways water can creep into your home and wreak havoc upon your household and […]

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Water Damage Prevention Tips


Water damage NEVER happens at a convenient time. If your commercial building or tenant housing has plumbing, you will have to deal with a water damage problem at some point. Routine maintenance and communication between landlords and tenants can help prevent further damage and ensure healthier living conditions. Mammoth Restoration can help give you advice […]

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Preventing Water Damage The Right Way


As homeowners, we don’t like to think of the possibility of our home being ravaged by water damage. Unfortunately, water damage disasters do occur, and they occur more often than you might think. The great news is that most water damage events are preventable if you take the right proactive steps to safeguard your home. Let’s […]