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The Gahanna Rotary Fundraising Event


The first Rotary club started over 110 years ago! Rotary Club has over 1.2 million members and is making a huge positive impact on communities worldwide. It was started with the vision of one man-Paul Harris. He was an attorney who formed the first Rotary Club in Chicago. He created the group so that folks […]

Fire and Smoke Damage Dublin Oh, Fire Damage Dublin Oh, Smoke Damage Dublin Oh

Fire and Smoke Damages FAQ’s


Dealing with the aftermath of a fire or smoke damage in your home is hopefully something you never have to go through. However, if this does happen to you, it’s important that you know how to respond. The best way to figure out what to do is to contact a professional restoration contractor such as […]

Fire Damage Restoration Westerville Ohio, Fire Damage Westerville, Fire Damage Cleanup Westerville

My House Caught Fire – Now What? 


Before we begin, if you’ve experienced a fire in your home, no matter the size, we are sorry you’re going through this! We understand the trauma and uncertainty a fire creates, and also understand the importance of reversing the damage and restoring your home as quickly as possible. A highly trained, professional, and caring team […]

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Four Common Mistakes in Water Damage Cleanup


Upon finding their home affected by water damage, many people’s first reaction is to immediately begin jumping in to clean up the mess. Of course, it’s important to begin the cleaning and restoration process as soon as possible, but jumping in before you are ready without the right preparations could just make things worse. In […]