Biohazard Clean Up

Mammoth biohazard clean up experts are here to clean your home with care and compassion
You’re dealing with a tragic situation. You need professional help and you need it fast. Our biohazard clean up experts are here to clean your home with care and compassion.

Caring, Compassionate Clean Up Services

It’s a frightening experience when disaster strikes, and then you have to face cleaning up the aftermath. One call to Mammoth and we’ll be there within 2 hours. Whether you need crime scene, trauma, hoarding or biohazard clean up, we will start you on the path to recovery. Because Mammoth Restoration & Cleaning is an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IICRC) Firm, you know you’re working with a team you can trust.

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Biohazard Clean Up Services

  • Cleaning services


    We clean all surfaces touched by trauma, returning your home back to its original state.

  • Sanitize services


    We take cleaning a step further and sanitize surfaces to remove traces of biohazards and aftermath, even those that are invisible to the naked eye.

  • Deodorize

    We filter the air in your home to remove smells and ensure that your breathing environment is safe.

  • Prevent Microorganisms from Growing

    Prevent Microorganisms from Growing

    We destroy and suppress the growth of harmful microorganisms whether they are bacteria, viruses or fungi.

  • Sewage Remediation

    Sewage Remediation

    Sewage water can contain microbes, viruses and harmful bacteria. If there is an ongoing issue, we will stop the problem and quickly clean up dangerous waste.

  • Crime Scene Cleaner

    Crime Scene Cleaner

    Crime scenes present special challenges to families and individuals already dealing with heartache and trauma. Our crime scene cleaners thoroughly clean your home with care and compassion.

  • Hoarding Clean Up

    Hoarding Clean Up

    Hoarding clean ups can be difficult. Often the collected items are piled high and growing microorganisms such as mold, bacteria and fungi. Some environments even contain animal feces or remains. Our experts clean all debris and ensure that the home is safe once again.

  • rauma Clean Up

    Trauma Clean Up

    Traumas, deaths, accidents and suicides result in aftermath that must be cleaned. Our team of professional, certified experts go beyond cleaning; we are thoughtful and considerate, too.

Certified, Professional, Compassionate Care

Rather than trying to brave the situation alone, rely on Mammoth Restoration & Cleaning, an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IICRC) Firm. Our certified experts know how to safely clean blood and remove bloodborne pathogens. We have stopped and remediated sewage from thousands of structures. When it comes to body fluids, we have the knowledge and protective gear to clean your space right every step of the way, avoid dangerous contamination and return you to a healthy environment.

It’s one thing to get the job done. It’s quite another to do it with genuine care and compassion. Our team listens to your concerns, walks you through the process and makes sure everything goes exactly right. We’re here to lend a hand — and even a hug — during this trying time.

  • A+ Better Business Bureau
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified
  • IREM
  • Restoration Industry Association
  • BOMA

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