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Six Water Damage Prevention Tips


Water damage can come from a large variety of different sources. For this reason, there are many different things that you can and need to do to prevent it from happening to you. Our professional restoration experts at Mammoth Restoration in the Columbus area see water damage brought on by many different causes. Below are […]

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Mammoth Sleigh On It’s Way


The Mammoth Mobile sleigh made a special delivery! The Mammoth mobile sleigh was loaded up with gifts and made a delivery to a very special family in need. We were proud to partner with the MOMM Foundation/ holiday blessings program this Christmas season! The MOMM Foundation means the miracle of moms memory. It is a […]

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It Was A Busy Holiday Season For Mammoth Restoration And Cleaning! 


We kicked off the holidays with a holiday party with Enterprise and Service King! It was a packed venue and all the attendees brought an abundance of donations for the Huckleberry House of Columbus, Ohio! ( Huckleberry house works with Central Ohio’s youth and families who are dealing with the most difficult problems imaginable) We […]

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The Gahanna Rotary Fundraising Event


The first Rotary club started over 110 years ago! Rotary Club has over 1.2 million members and is making a huge positive impact on communities worldwide. It was started with the vision of one man-Paul Harris. He was an attorney who formed the first Rotary Club in Chicago. He created the group so that folks […]

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Obvious And Hidden Dangers From Floods


Any unwanted water intrusion could ruin your possessions and damage your home’s structure. However, when the water comes from outside your sterile water system, you face additional safety hazards. Floodwater can contain dangerous bacteria from overflowing sewage and agricultural and industrial waste. According to Accuweather, the dangers of floods do not disappear after water levels […]

water damage restoration columbus, water damage cleanup columbus

3 Ways To Spot Water Damage In Your Home


The phrase “water damage” is typically accompanied by a mental image of water rushing into your basement, furniture floating, and ancient family heirlooms destroyed. While this does happen, and is terribly devastating when it occurs, there are actually many more subtle ways water can creep into your home and wreak havoc upon your household and […]

water damage cleanup columbus, water damage columbus

How Dangerous Is Water Damage And Flooding?


The long-reaching effects of water damage can damage much more than just your home. In fact, there are many different negative consequences that water damage can have on your health. In some instances, the threat to your health posed by water damage can be even more serious than the damage done to your home by […]

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Why Should I Hire A Cleaning And Restoration Company For Water Damage Restoration?


What happens when you wake up one morning to find your basement has been completely flooded? What do you do when the water is over a foot deep? What do you do? The first decision you will need to make regarding this disaster is how you will repair the damage done by the flood. You […]

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Four Ways To Avoid Fire Damage In Columbus


The destructive influence of a fire in your own home is almost unthinkable. It’s hard to imagine your home and possessions engulfed by flames amidst plumes of smoke. Nonetheless, fires are an all too common disaster that thousands of homeowners are traumatized by each and every year. At Mammoth Restoration in the Columbus area, our […]